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New Fences for 2020

Train - Thomas the Tank

Train Thomas the Tank

Train - Haulage Wagon

Train Haulage Wagon.



Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Fences from 2019

Adjustable Triple Birch

This fence can be used as a Triple OR Double Birch

Triple Birch adjustable
Triple Birch Adjustable ii

Wishing Well

This fence is height adjustable but NOT knockable. (Knockable facility is also available if required.)

Wishing Well ii email

View of adjustable feature.

The Bridge


The Gypsy Caravan.

This fences includes shafts which can be used as an additional lower fence attached to the higher fence.

Gypsy Caravan

Three Piece Water

This fence can be jumped as a wide or narrow water fence.

Three piece water wide
Three piece water narrow

DK Rustix introduces Add-ons

Triple Birch with Add-on

With the Add-on this fence transforms from a 90cm to a 110cm fence approx. including the height of the birch. Quite a challenging fence for an open class.

Rolltop fence with Add-on.

New Fence for 2016

Birch Arrowhead

For those wanting something more challenging, this narrow 1.30 birched arrowhead.

Birch Arrowhead email



Latest fence to arrive at DK Rustix for 2015 the Castle with internal height adjustment.

Castle adjustable

Viaduct Wall

Viaduct Wall


Water Feature

Double Feed Pot



Unique Fully Retractable uprights.

New Fully Retractable Uprights giving an Adjustable Knockable Pole which can be included in many of our fences for just £30 extra.

N.B. As many of our clients already have poles they prefer to use their own rather than have the top poles included in the price. Therefore we no longer include the top poles in the price of adjustable/retractable fences.

Fully retractable adjustable uprights

Double Action which can include an adjustable knockable pole with fully retractable uprights.

Double Action is excellent value for money giving you several fences in one. This new fence, which can be jumped from either direction, can also include an adjustable retractable facility for an additional £30 making it up to 1 meter high. Poles are available.

Double action with retractable pole i
Double action with retractable pole

Chicken Coup which can include an adjustable knockable pole.

Chicken Coup