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Introducing a new range to our brand

Rustix Tack Room Furniture

Bespoke wooden tack room furniture

Based in Northern Ireland we are a family run business primarily designing and making handmade working hunter and portable cross country fences.

Latest fences new for 2019.

Double Vision

Double Vision

Rialto Bridge fence

Rialto Bridge

Other interesting fences which continue to be favourites.

Adjustable Triple Birch

Triple Birch adjustable

Adjustable Corner

The Gypsy Caravan

Gypsy Caravan


Wishing Well

This fence is height adjustable but is NOT knockable. This fence can be ordered with knockable facility.

The Bridge


Three Piece Water

This fence can be used as a wide or narrrow water fence

Three piece wide
Three piece water narrow

One of our fences after 5 years, recently rebirched and as good as new.

5yr old fence rebirched

A short video clip.

Here David gives a brief overview of some of the fences in more detail. Enjoy

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One of our own horses "Redwood Thor" ridden by Emma Jackson competing at Royal Ulster, Balmoral Show, Belfast in the 4 yr old Working Hunter Class 2015 jumping one of our own fences.

"Redwood Thor" jumping our fence @ Balmoral 2015 ridden by Emma Jackson

We want our customers to gain the most use from their fences, we try to offer fences which are height adjustable and can be jumped in either direction, where possible.

Birched Arrowhead

Birched Arrowhead

The Castle

This fence can be jumped from either side and is adjustable in height 70, 75, 80 & 85 cm.


Viaduct wall

This fence can be jumped from either side and has three height settings 70, 80 & 90 cm.

Viaduct Wall

A short video showing how adjustable this fence is.

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Some of our most popular fences



Home & Garden

Product overview

As a safety feature all our fences are screwed or bolted, no nails are used and all our fences are durable and built to last, therefore sturdy timber is used rather than plywood which has a shorter shelf life.

Having experienced both working hunter and cross country courses we understand the needs of:-


  1. getting maximum use of available space

  2. value for money

  3. multifunctional fences which can be easily altered between classes


  1. ability to purchase difficult fences to practice at home

  2. fences which are easily portable

  3. challenging to the rider


  1. good solid fences

  2. fences which are inviting and exciting to jump

  3. yet not too scarry for me

The Fences

Our range of high quality, well constructed working hunter and portable cross country fences provide ideal economical training aids for schooling at home or for competition use. All our fences are hand made to order using pressure treated hard wood. Fences can be bespoke to your requirements for height and width. All our fences are priced @ 85 cm high but prices can be adjusted either down or up to reflect the size of the fence.
Our fences are Tailor Made to your requirements. N.B.We do not supply any painted products.

N.B. All our prices are ex-yard, delivery can be arranged within Ireland but is extra.

We do not supply any painted products.